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Bathroom Toilet Partition

If you are looking for high-grade, durable bathroom toilet partitions for your shop, you just need to call the Dynamic Door & Specialty at 713-983-9161 with your exact specifications. They provide the best fit toilet partitions of the highest quality for every bathroom and restroom at reasonable rates. With Dynamic Door & Specialty, the first grade quality and the durability of the product material is guaranteed.

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The Best Bathroom Toilet Partition Company

This company is soon to be the leader in the Division 10 manufacturing industry of the country.

A variety of product types and styles of toilet partitions for you to choose from

Dynamic Door & Specialty offers a substantial variety of different types of bathroom and toilet partitions for different bathroom types, sizes and colors.


Their fairly long product catalogue includes powder coated steel, stainless steel, polymer. In addition, plastic laminate, phenolic color-thru, and phenolic black core partitions and others. The bathroom or toilet partitions sold by the company come with a variety of mounting styles as well. Floor anchored, floor anchored-overhead braced, ceiling hung, floor to ceiling anchored – you can have them fit according to your own preferences and the design specifications of your bathroom. Each style has its own benefits and advantages.

In Addition,

While selecting your style, always keep the specific type of use and your location in mind. What is ideal for a specific type of bathroom with a specific size and measurements. Floor-anchored and overhead-braced is probably the most popular style of toilet and bathroom partitions in this country. It has pilasters which are mounted on the floor and go 12 inches above the doors and the panels. The overhead brace is usually a headrail which connects the tops of the pilasters. It is no doubt the strongest way to fit the partition as it is supported from two ends – the floor and above the partitions.  The floor-anchored partitions cost 4% than the floor-anchored and overhead braced partitions.

They are ideal for restrooms with ceiling heights below 84 inches, though they are not as stable as the overhead braced ones.

Even More,

The ceiling mounted installations make regular cleaning of the toilet floors and the overall maintenance easier; though they are not for bathrooms with drop ceilings. The floor to ceiling anchored partition is certainly the strongest installation style of all, though it is a little more expensive than others. It is certainly ideal for the high traffic, high abuse situations. A substantial variety of simple bathroom urinal dividers are also available with us. They come in different sizes and measurements so that you can find the right one for your toilet. If you send detailed drawings of your washroom, our experts will provide you with the best fit toilet partitions that are not only sturdy but also smart and elegant looking.

We are always happy to provide you useful suggestions, but finally it is up to you to decide which style is the best for your situation. Dynamic Door & Specialty products provide toughest paint finish. You can always make requests for customized colors. All of their bathroom partitions and dividers are pretty resistant to scratches and stains. It is totally hassle-free to clean and maintain them. Dynamic Door & Specialty assures

Choose the material of your bathroom partitions carefully

Dynamic Door & Specialty offers bathroom and toilet partitions made of a variety of high quality, commercial grade materials. Before you buy partitions for toilets, you must consider which material is the best suitable for your situation and specifications. Nowadays, plastic laminate toilet partitions are much in vogue as they can provide the largest variety of color, are totally corrosion-free, low-maintenance, durable and most importantly, absolutely budget-friendly. Powder coated steel partition are also quite economical and ideal to use in school restrooms, office spaces or religious buildings. The powder coated partitions of Dynamic Door & Specialty are made of long lasting and totally impact resistant material. Phenolic partitions offer the advantages of being resistant to corrosion, stains, odor, dents and scratches.

Pleasing Designs 

They also provide substantial design flexibility and are aesthetically pleasing. The plastic laminated partitions are ideal for wet places with high traffic. There are also good, old stainless steel products that are known for their hardiness and stability. For bathroom applications with high humidity rate stainless steel partitions are the perfect choice. The high density polymer partitions are also ideal for high humidity, high traffic applications. The advanced material of the partitions makes them cent percent non-absorbent, odor and stain-free Division 10 products that require zero maintenance.

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How to order your bathroom and toilet partitions

It is very easy to order brand new toilet partitions for your shop or business with us. Just pick up the phone to dial us at 713-983-9161 with all your specifications or you can place your orders online. Our office at Houston remains open from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Thursday, and on Friday from 7 am to 4 pm. You’ll have to forward us all the architectural plans and drawings along with the exact dimensions of the toilets and urinals at P.O. Box 40785 Houston, TX 77240 so that we can find you the partitions that fit the best.

Our representatives are always there to help you choose the perfect material and installation style according to your specifications and budget-limits. After you contact us with your specifications and drawings, we will send you a proposal for your approval.

Awaiting Your Approval

As soon as you approve the proposal, we will start processing your order and arrange for the delivery of the products. We have some standard products that are ready for pick up on the same day as the date of order. Special, customized products usually require shipment from the factory.

Our representatives are there to help you at every step of the whole process until the installation is complete. In Dynamic Door & Specialty, it is our goal is to provide you high-performance bathroom and toilet partitions that meet all of your specifications and preferences.