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Do you want to establish your company by installing Houston commercial door hardware? If yes, then investing in commercial hardware is a right decision rather than choosing a residential hardware. Residential hardware is not so much durable for commercial applications. Some business owners try to save money by buying residential hardware but they forget that this hardware is not efficient to ensure safety of their hardware store resulting in money wastage.

We have a large inventory of Houston commercial door hardware  supplied by the best manufacturers.

Importance of commercial door hardware Houston

Here are the some points by which can very well understand the importance of commercial door hardware over residential hardware:-

  • These high quality commercial door knobs undergo some strict codes required by the government. For example, every door must possess the fire protection code so that building will be protected from fire.
  • The door knobs are long lasting than the other knobs as they are tamper resistant. These knobs are in garage.
  • The continuous hinges can withstand harsh environment and can hold a heavy weight also. These hinges produce less noise as compared to hinges used in residential hardware.
  • The commercial door hardware makes sure that your property will remain safe from burglars by providing door locks which are made up of solid metals like cold-forged steel, brass etc.

Dynamic door and specialty is among the best commercial door hardware company in Houston. You can also refer the below link to have more knowledge about this company.

This company provides all types of commercial door hardware of high quality in Houston.

  • Different types of commercial door hardware provided by company in Houston:-

The various types of commercial door hardware are:-

  • Levers:-

The Houston commercial levers are of high standard and more tough as compared to residential levers. These levers usually have a heavy cylindrical framework. There are also light duty levers, which are made up of a tubular framework and mortise locks of heavy duty. The electronic levers, vestibule levers, keyed entry levers, Asylum levers etc. are some examples of the commercial levers.

  • Door closures:-

Door closures, more efficient than hinges are best for higher traffic doors. You can buy any type of door closures like hold open door closures, Delayed door closures, surface mount door closer etc. There are many options in door closures like a “soft close” option which closes the door with a low sound in order to avoid a loud bang and “hold open” option to keep the door open when many people pass by.

  • Exit devices:-

These are the most widely used commercial door hardware in Houston. Commercial panic devices or exit devices are T-shaped rods that lie across a door. With the help of “touch” rods, the fire or emergency exit door becomes unlocked and people can exit in case of any panic situation. These devices are of several types like mortise lock panic devices, rim panic devices etc. These exit devices can be easily available at economic price.

  • Door knobs:-

These knobs are able to tolerate the rigors in case of heavy traffic areas. There are different types of door knobs available in Houston like privacy knobs, classroom knobs, keyed entry knobs, hotel knobs etc. These doors are graded into two categories by the ANSI to determine durability and toughness.  Grade 1 door knobs are used in industrial buildings, hospitals, factory etc. whereas Grade 2 door knobs are used in religious buildings, professional buildings etc.

  • Operators:-

With the advance in technology, you can get track-operated operators and other operators working in a better way as compared to previous ones. You can also control these operators with a programmable printed circuit-board by using wireless actuators. A separate frequency is used by each operator for security purpose. Installer can stop functioning of these operators with the help of programming. You can easily find such type of advanced commercial door hardware in Houston.

  • Deadbolts:-

These bolts are named as deadbolts because there is no spring installed in it. We offer several types of Houston deadbolts such as one-sided deadbolts, Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts, single cylinder with removable thumb-turn deadbolts, double cylinder deadbolts, mechanical deadbolts, push button deadbolts etc. There is also a vertical deadbolt or deadlock which can resist jimmying. Single cylinder deadbolts are common on rear doors for fire exits. There is also a keyless deadbolt which is operated by scanning of the finger prints or password.

Commercial Door Hardware Houston Tx

Commercial Door Hardware Houston Texas

  • Hinges:-

The hinges of commercial door are separated by using sturdier and a thick gauge metal. It is best to buy hinges of the same company as that of other hardware components so that uniformity in hardware finishes can be maintained.

There are many kinds of hinges depending upon the size, metal, weight etc. such as pivots, full and half surface hinges, continuous hinges, butterfly hinge, barrel hinge, concealed hinges etc. It is easy to install continuous hinges in comparison to the other hinges.

Commercial Door Hardware For Houston

Houston Texas Commercial Door Hardware

  • Kick plates:-

These kick plates location is at the base of the door so that door will remain protected. The kick plates vary with sizes and are generally 2” thinner than the breadth of the door so that weather stripping is easy. According to some manufacturers, kick plates should be 16” tall in height in an area where a wheelchair is utilized. These kick plates are also available in various colors and styles.

Other products available at Commercial door hardware Houston:-

There are various commercial doors provided by Dynamic door and Specialty Company like access doors, hollow metal doors, fiberglass doors, traffic doors etc. in various styles and designs. They also built bullet resistant doors. They made doors as per the customer requirement. You can also purchase different type of steel frames and aluminum frames which vary in size and finishes respectively. They also provide various door accessories. So these are the services provided by company of commercial doors and hardware. You can call them at 713-983-9161 for placing an order.