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Have you been searching for the right Commercial Metal Doors Houston for your workplace? Finding the right entryways for your business needs can get the best of you if you don’t know what to look for, but we can help. With Dynamic Door and Specialty on your side, you will have experienced professionals on your side to help you find perfect entryways at reasonable costs. Read more to discover how we can assist you in finding your ideal door!


Metal doors are probably the most solid and secure types of door available on the market today. Since they are made out of heavy and consistent material, you’ll be able to to rely on them to defend against potential robberies and break-ins. A significant number of our clients depend on these to secure their office spaces, stockrooms, and work environments. If you’re attempting to keep your workspace protected and secure, this could be the standout door amongst the other options out there.

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We also have fiberglass doors in our inventory. Are you searching for an entryway that won’t put you through costly maintenance, repairs, and touchups? Assuming this is the case, investing in a fiberglass-composite door could be the perfect solution for you. Our experts understand that many Houstonians would prefer not to invest energy in keeping up with their entryway on a regular basis. If you’re a business owner who has clients and employees to account for, you most likely don’t have time to spend on a door. Fiberglass-composite material may feel lightweight to the touch, yet it happens to be a standout amongst the modern entryways. You won’t need to stress over it surrendering to harsh climate or sudden changes in temperature.


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Do you have an affinity for wooden entryways and you’d like to install one for your business? This is an extremely common alternative among clients, particularly in Texas. A huge number of our customers appreciate the antique look and wide assortment of customization choices that accompany this kind of entryway. In addition to being stylish and sleek, having a strong wood entryway can also be incredibly sturdy. You won’t have to stay up at night worrying about potential break-ins. Pair your wood door with a strong lock and you’ll be able to sleep safe and sound.


Dynamic Door and Specialty has a huge amount of entryways from you to browse. When you have a business, it’s imperative to ensure you keep it secured and protected no matter what. In case you’re endeavoring to locate the ideal passage for your office or distribution center, make certain to investigate our vast stock of doors. Our exceptional entryways are brought to you by the best brands in America. You’ll always be able to find a top notch product when you visit us.


When you buy your Commercial Metal Doors Houston, you’ll have to begin considering what’s left of your doorway to set up. While the door might be the most obvious piece of this “setup”, there’s far more that goes into making sure your doors stay safe and secure. Hinges, weather stripping, deadbolts, locks and pivots are all segments that you’ll have to keep in mind. These will enable your entryway to remain safe, secure, and solid.


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While it might seem unlikely, the frame is the most important piece of your entryway. When buying entryways, many individuals disregard the significance of this segment, but you’ll have to think of it if you want to keep your doors secured. Remember that when your entryway is bolted, the deadbolt is specifically embedded into the frame. Subsequently, using cheap framing can cause you wind up powerless and susceptible to kick-ins by robbers and intruders. You can keep this from happening by putting resources into a quality, tough casing that fits your entryway.


Dynamic Door and Specialty has a wide assortment of casings that you can choose from. Aluminum and steel are two of the most widely recognized types of frames that we have in our stock, but there are plenty of choices. Our experts can help you locate the ideal fit for your entryway so you can protect your business. The frame is essential to keeping your doorway secured; make sure you pick a quality product so your assets stay safe.

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Remember that you will also need a deadbolt lock, too. If you’re buying this entryway for business use, you probably have significant resources that need to be secured. The last thing you need to stress over is a potential robber bursting into your office because of a malfunction in your entryway. Make sure to look at our stock of value deadbolts and locksets. These can combine up pleasantly with your current entryways and frames to give you the best possible security.


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With our Houston Commercial Steel Door choices being promptly accessible for our valued clients, we think you’ll find what you’re searching for here. Make sure to look at our stock, and call us today to plan your installation. Our specialists can furnish you with appraisals, estimations, and assist you in finding the ideal entryway for your building!


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  • The city of Houston was founded in 1836.
  • Though we are one of the biggest cities in the nation, we happen to have one of the most affordable costs of living. In 2010, studies showed that our price of real estate is nearly 10% below the national average.
  • Houston is an incredibly diverse city with many different hubs that celebrate culture and diversity. In the Theater District, you can find many theatres that produce plays year-round, celebrating the differences in Houstonians.
  • Citizens of Houston dine out more than residents in any other city. In Houston, you will be able to enjoy over eleven thousand different restaurants. Our eateries range from fine dining to small deli shops. Regardless of your taste, you’re bound to find something you like here in Clutch City.
  • If you enjoy professional sports, this is the city for you! We have organizations that represent us in football, basketball, baseball, and more. In addition to the most well-known teams that we host, our city also has many minor league organizations as well.
  • You will be able to enjoy over 40 different colleges and universities if you choose to seek higher learning in Houston. We pride ourselves on offering our citizens a chance at furthering their education.