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How to Choose the Best Commercial Restroom Hardware Items

To meet the requirement of constant usage, every single piece of commercial restroom hardware need to be of excellent quality. The quality of restroom fixtures and accessories is also associated with the reputation of the organization. You need a range of products including restroom signs, grab bars, privacy covers, door locks and deadbolts, hinges and much more. There are plenty of branded products in the market, but there plenty of design options and other differences. It is important to select each hardware item with care as per requirements and restroom design.

Security and Door Locks

The restroom is a private area; hence, the prime concern for the developers is to prevent any sort of security infringement. Depending on the level of security requirement in the organization, the clients can choose from a range of grade 1 and grade 2 cylindrical lock-sets. They are quite affordable and offer customized locking solutions to prevent any sort of breaches.

One of the important hardware for commercial restrooms door locking is the installation of additional ADA compliant deadbolt with the indicator for the buzzer. The buzzer allows the restroom user to unlock the door with just one press button. The door will not open unless the restroom user opens it. The indicator on the deadbolt will show that someone is inside so no one else attempts any unfair measures.

The commercial door knobs preferably with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade 1 is suitable for the restroom door if it is under frequent usage throughout the day. However, if you need ADA compliant door hardware, it is worth considering a lever handle. While choosing the latches or lock-sets, the thickness and weight of the door material will influence the choices.

Door Closers

The door closure is one of the vital commercial restroom hardware requiring some basic considerations to provide hassle-free door opening and closing performance. Following are some factors that will influence the choice of closure for your restroom door.

  • Door material, weight and dimensions
  • Frequency of opening and closing
  • Budget
  • Closure mounting location

Depending on the average traffic volume opening and closing the restroom door during the entire day, it will be wise to choose from overhead spring closures or floor spring model. These closures are suitable for great durability and performance of the heavy traffic doors.


The restroom doors in commercial organizations are at greater danger from climatic impact. They are under constant usage during the office hours and need weatherproofing protection for greater lifespan. Weatherstripping is one of the affordable commercial restroom hardware options for this type of doors. However, the choice of weatherstripping on these doors will entirely depend on the opening system and other related factors. Some other weatherization products that you may need for the door protection include thresholds, gasket installation, door sweeps, drip caps etc.

The door weatherization during the initial phase of construction offers great insulation for the restroom premises. If the weatherization is not done on door, you can still consider the process for old doors to increase durability and insulation for increasing energy efficiency.

Commercial Grade Hinges 

Compared to doors in domestic units, the commercial restroom door hinges require high quality metal finishes with thicker gauge. They add strength and durability to the door for long lasting performance. Depending on the type of door and opening requirements the installation professionals can choose from a range of pivot hinges, self-closing hinges, Butt hinges, T Hinges etc. The construction professionals suggest using the thick metal gauge hinges from the same brand manufacturer providing other door hardware for greater compatibility.

Panic Exit Devices

Several commercial organizations today prefer to install the door pull and push plates to ease the operation of emergency doors. They have a simple look compared to the cluttering knobs and lever lock sets. This type of commercial restroom hardware is also essential choices for quick exit in the event of fire breakouts or other consequences. They allow easy unlocking with one touch operation. There are different types of panic exit devices including electrical mechanism enhancements.

Grab Bars

The grab bars are important installations in all commercial organizations especially considering the requirements of the handicapped and elderly people. These fixtures are generally placed near the partitions, doors, walls and other places. They help to prevent slips and falls on watery surfaces.

Trim and Auxiliary Hardware

The commercial grade trim and auxiliary commercial restroom hardware accord excellent finishes to the important door installations including hinges, lock sets etc. The important hardware in this section includes lock protection plates, hinge pin door stop, armor plates, electric strikes and others. The products with high metallic finishes add to the look and feel of the restroom door. Following are some examples of the hardware elements in this category.

Dome Style Floor Stop- This hardware product is the right substitute for doors without any thresholds or undercuts. They can be installed on wooden and concrete floors. Available in high quality metal finishes they are good-looking installations in the restroom.

Door Pull Push Plates- The metallic door push and pull plates allow the users to get greater support while opening and closing the doors. The models with durable metallic finishes also give great appearance to your restroom door.

Partitioning Hardware Options for the Restroom Areas

Moving on from the restroom door hardware in commercial units, the partitioning accessories are essential inclusions. Depending on the type and size of partitioning material, the construction engineers select the hardware material. This includes fiberglass, hollow metal, wooden planks etc. The partition can be attached to bumper hooks, gravity hinges, sliding latches, brackets etc.

Some Parting Words,

There may be a lot of confusion when choosing hardware for commercial restroom door fixtures. Some organizations consider consulting a specialist for the job to complete the construction process within the right budget without compromising the quality. Alternatively, you can also contact some manufacturing company representatives to discuss about different quality items and budget packages.

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