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Phone: (713) 983-9161 | Fax: (713) 983-8971



Specific hardware is needed to protect your door from the elements of weather. Hardware available includes weatherstripping, gasketing, thresholds, drip caps, and door sweeps. These items come in a variety of finishes and custom sizes in order to fulfill your weatherization needs.

Trim and Auxiliary

Dynamic Door & Specialty is excited to offer an assortment of kickplates, armor plates, push/pull plates, pulls, and electric strikes. Different options available include multiple types of metals and finishes to meet your job specifications. Door viewers, floor stops, wall stops, and overhead holders/stops are also available in a variety of finishes.

Locksets and Deadbolts

Cylindrical commercial door locksets, grades 1 & 2, are available in a variety of finishes and functions depending on your need. Some functions include entrance, office, storeroom, classroom, passage, privacy, and dummy. Mortise locksets, pushbutton locksets, and deadbolts are also available.

Hinges and Pivots

There is a wide selection of commercial door hinges to choose from depending on your specific application. Hinges available vary with different types of finishes, sizes, weights, knuckle styles and metals. Hinge options include full & half mortise hinges, full & half surface hinges, spring hinges, pivots, electrified hinges, pin & barrel hinges, and specialty hinges. Call Dynamic Door & Specialty today to help decide what commercial door hinge is right for your Houston job.

Exit Devices

Panic exit devices are available for fire traditional, fire rated, and windstorm doors; various finishes, trims, and electrical options are available. Heavy duty exit devices are available for high traffic/high abuse areas.


Dynamic Door & Specialty has multiple options to meet your commercial door closer specifications which include mechanical surface, cam action, and concealed closers, and electromechanical closers. The commercial door closers have a variety of finishes to complement any door. Standard or heavy duty options are available as well as different arm options.

For your business

Dynamic Door & Specialty has the right doors, hardware, frames, and equipment for any Division 8 or Division 10 project. Shop today at our exclusive online warehouse!

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Door HardwareDynamic Doors and Specialty, one of the leading commercial door hardware store of Houston Texas is known for their high end doors, frames, washroom accessories, bathroom partitions and finishing door hardware. They have been providing the residents of Houston with the best quality commercial doors of all varieties. No matter if you are looking for a wooden door, hollow metal door, fiber glass door, access door, traffic doors or specialty door, with them you are sure to find the best doors most suited to your requirement.

Let us take a quick look at the various commercial door hardware options offered by Dynamic Doors and Specialty.

Trim and Auxiliary: Dynamic Doors and Specialty offers its customers the vastest collection of door trim and auxiliaries including push/ pull plates, armor plates, kick-plates, electric strikes, floor stops, door viewers and wall stops. You can choose from a variety of sizes, materials and finish so that they suit your exact purpose.

Deadbolts and Lock sets: Dynamic Doors stock cylindrical commercial door lock sets in Houston in grade one and two. You can select from a range of finishes and functionality depending on your needs. These commercial door locks are ideal for use in classroom, office space, entrance, passage, storeroom etc. No matter if you are trying to find mortise lock set or push button lock set, you can always find the one you are after.

Pivots and Hinges: Dynamic Doors and Specialty stocks a wide range of commercial door hinges in various shapes, finishes, sizes, weights and materials. Whether you are looking for full surface hinges, spring hinges, electrified hinges, specialty hinges, pin and barrel hinges, pivots, or mortise hinges you are sure to find everything under one roof. Just give them a call at 713-983-9161 and talk to their experts about which hinge is best suited to your particular job.

Exit devices: At Dynamic Doors and Specialty you can browse through a range of panic exit devices for your doors. They are available in a number of trims, finishes and electrical options. Doors in high traffic areas would do best with the heavy duty exit devices.

Closers: Dynamic Doors and Specialty would allow the customers to select from various commercial door closer options which come in various finishes to complement the look of all kinds of doors.

Call Dynamic Doors and Specialty at (713) 983-9161 today to get a quote on our high quality door hardware! Click below to access our online store where we have hundreds of hardware and accessories available!