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Whether you are searching for security, durability, fire protection or aesthetics; hollow metal doors and frames have everything to offer you with quality results. Within last few years, manufacturers have developed new technologies to make commercial as well as residential buildings more secure.

By introducing advanced and protective door units. Every effort is to ensure completeness as well as accuracy in the design. All specifications can meet requirements of users and an error free service can be provided.


When we talk about commercial as well as residential buildings then security is the biggest issue to discuss and our major need is to install those entire products. This will keep our living or work space safer. One of the major security concerns is door installation and at the same time we have to care about user’s need. Which include getting durable and aesthetically pleasing products.

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For all such cases, the hollow metal doors and frames are ideal option. Before you make decision about installation of these door units, it is important to gather some information about what kind of advantages they offer. Or how much benefits you will have with installation of these metal doors.

Advantages of installing hollow metal doors and frames:

  1. Structural Security:

The hollow metal doors and frames are highly secure units. That is why they are preferred for retail stores, financial institutions and government buildings. One can ensure long life secure service after making one time investment on installation of metal doors.

  1. Design Options:

Building owners generally have different requirements from their door units. Fulfilling all those requirements is really a big challenge. But here is great news, hollow doors of metal material are designed with adjoining frames that can be used at any location with higher flexibility.

  1. Aesthetic Appeal:

When people design new houses they are always careful about aesthetic so that it can give a pleasing visual appearance. The latest technologies that are in use for the designing of doors can offer look of several unique and attractive materials. Owners have huge choice regarding texture and aesthetic.

  1. Long Lasting Materials:

The hollow metal doors and frames are able to provide higher resistance against environmental damages that are usually caused by humidity, heat and cold. These doors serve like an ideal option for your building as they are not even affected by delamination and warping issues.

  1. Lightweight Design:

The biggest benefit of installing hollow metal doors is their lightweight type design formula that can save you from sufferings caused heavy weighted designs. Such doors are much easier to operate as they can be moved softly and allows access as per need.

  1. Insulation:

It is not only the matter of structural integrity but the hollow metal doors and frames also offer higher insulation. Insulation becomes important aspect for service industries as it offers sealed environments that are not affected by bad weather conditions. A well designed hollow metal type doors can act like a buffer against catastrophic weather, intense sun as well as snowfall and harsh winds. Thus ensuring perfect protection and comfortable environment inside.

  1. Damage Reduction:

If high force is applied accidentally on metal type hollow doors then it can naturally protect the surrounding structures with its absorbent qualities. On the other side the thick metal type doors get usually damaged even with little applied force.

Important Facts related to Hollow Metal Door and Frame Installation:

Framing is the major process for installation of hollow metal doors and frames and this issue must be addressed carefully. Some expert contractors prefer to install these door supports prior to wall construction in order to get long lasting protection. The tools required for installation process vary as per preferences of installer as few installers like to shoot down feet by using Hilti or Ramset whereas others work with Tapcons, hammer drill or cordless etc.

There are generally two varieties of hollow metal frames: knockdown drywall type and welded frame type. The first one is generally for installations when drywall is already present. Whereas welded type frame is often installed on interior stud walls or exterior walls. These supports commonly come in 12, 14, 16 and 18 gauge welding that goes into stud wall or masonry wall. Below are some technical details about both of these hollow metal door frame types:

  1. Knockdown Drywall Type:

There are so many variations in wall structures for different buildings. But in most general case, this area consists of 5/8”- three studs having 5/8” or ½” drywall or the other case could be 6” stud having 5/8” drywall. In order to install these elements, your major requirement will be to slide the head over the wall. Then install the jamb with proper tab alignment. It is important to use proper tools for this installation task. This is so that procedure is safe and accurate.

  1. Welded Type:

As the knockdown types are commonly on exterior walls, the welded ones are for interior walls, poured concrete and concrete blocks. They are assembled and squared up where spreader bars are welded on base and the joints are welded properly while keeping ground smooth. The welded types are usually installed prior to construction of dry walls and here installers need to apply more care on anchors as they are major elements.

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The hollow metal doors and frames are useful for providing additional protection to buildings against explosions, blasts or excessive force. Industries are always in need of such protective systems. There are so many materials available for construction of door units. But, the final design must serve users with strength, long life, maximum corrosion resistance, integrity and high durability so that once time investments can produce long life results.

Presently numbers of manufacturers throughout the world are working hard for creating advanced designs of hollow metal doors and frames but in order to get best assistance with trustworthy services, prefer to call us at 713-983-9161.