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10 Must Have Commercial Houston Bathroom Accessories

The classy and commercial grade Houston bathroom accessories are precious possessions and very important for every commercial and domestic toilets. Most people spend a lot of time in designing their bathroom interiors. But often realize the requirement of the small but essential accessory items.

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Here is a list of important bathroom accessories to give a completely new look for remodeling and new construction projects.

  1. Mirrors

The mirrors are the first among all important bathroom accessories people choose for fitting on the bathroom walls. It dignifies the appearance of the interiors. Some large mirror installations give a spacious impression to smaller bathrooms. They are available in several sizes, qualities in different price rates. You can choose from small oval shaped mirrors to full wall size mirrors for dressing purposes. Before choosing a mirror, it is worthy enough to conduct some research on several design and type options to find best suit.

  1. Grab Bars

Mentioning this in the list of luxurious Houston bathroom accessories may seem like a mismatch. However, there is a serious reason to place this accessory item at the second place. People often discard installing grab bars on the walls, near the toilet seat and other important positions. They may seem to compromise the look of the bathroom interiors. The grab bars are helpful for everyone. It saves the users from frequent slips and falls on the wet floors bestowing great support. They are of greater significance for elderly members in the house and at commercial organizations. Installing grab bars at a lower level also help people on wheel chairs to move inside the bathroom comfortably.

  1. Liquid Soap Dispenser

Liquid soaps are used on daily basis in all bathrooms. Keeping piles of bottles may give a clumsy look to the sink countertop. Installing soap dispenser fixtures can be more convenient to achieve a clean look in the entire area. You can choose such a bathroom accessory in Houston from a range of designs, dispenser type, and color options with excellent features. The soap dispensers can have touch less usage feature, push button dispense system etc.

  1. Towel Rings or Holder

Everyone needs some accessory arrangement inside the bathroom premises to keep the towels. Some people use wicker baskets to keep towels beside the bathtub. Nevertheless, in the shower area, it is convenient to have some holder to place the towel conveniently. The ring models are extremely popular keeping the towel firmly positioned eliminating the chances of falling.

Houston Tx Bathroom Accessories

Houston Texas Bathroom Accessories

  1. Toilet Paper Dispenser

Choosing the right type of toilet paper dispenser is extremely important and depends on the frequency of usage. If you are considering a model for toilets in offices, hospitals, or schools, the commercial grade jumbo toilet paper dispenser is a good choice. This type of bathroom accessory item can firmly hold two big toilet paper rolls, allowing the release from either side. The concealed dispenser models are also convenient to keep the paper rolls clean and hygienic. It is entirely up to the users and the type of toilet paper they prefer. There are dispenser models for storing and releasing single sheet toilet papers also.

  1. Sanitary Disposal Units

This is an indispensable item of inclusion among Houston bathroom accessories. They are also compulsory for keeping in restrooms for women. While choosing the sanitary disposal bins for commercial organizations, it is very important to consider the requirement of the highly esteemed visitors and members. These units are best if they allow silent, no touch and automatic opening. Some such units possess Eco-friendly odor control system for greater convenience. Always choose a modesty tray to conceal the visibility of the disposed items.

  1. Hand Dryers

Installing hand dryers in commercial organizations is an Eco-friendly alternative to wasting tissue papers. This kind of bathroom accessory allows quick drying within 10 to 15 seconds consuming very low electricity. This is preferable for most organizations looking to avoid large dumping of disposed tissues every day.

  1. Bathroom Shelves

No bathroom can be of usage without spacious shelve units. The users especially women using bathrooms in commercial organizations like offices, mall, restaurants and similar other places may look for a basic touch up or anything else. These shelves are of great use for keeping the belongings during usage and safely pack them in the bags thereafter.

  1. Paper Towel Dispenser

Many people consider keeping either tissue dispensers or paper towel dispenser unit. However, the paper towel dispenser is an alternative to the hand dryer with greater usage. This is a better alternative as these papers are great utility items for using as wipes to shun the dust. In modern bathrooms, the automatic dispensers with motion sensors allow greater convenience than the manual dispenser models. Some people prefer to go with a simple paper towel holder. This can be a good option in domestic bathrooms but keeping the bunch of paper towel upon emptying can be a little inconvenient in restaurants and malls.

  1. Baby Changing Station

The baby changing station is important in restaurants, commercial restrooms, hospitals, nurseries, and other places. This bathroom accessory item is a must have for commercial places. The changing station design may vary from one model to another. They essentially contain a seat for laying the baby for changing their diapers. The wall-mounted models are equipped with pneumatic shocks for one touch opening and usage. Some high-end models also have liner dispenser facilities. The instructions for the parents make it very easy for the users to access such Houston bathroom accessories with ease.

Wrapping It Up Houston Bathroom Accessories

The above mentioned list of items is compulsory for every modern bathroom. There are also other accessorizing inclusions people consider installing in their bathrooms. You can always prepare a list before purchasing and the installation process to ensure you have included every necessary item. No matter what brand you choose to purchase these products, it is always essential to ensure they are ADA compliant for quality guarantee and long-lasting performance. However, the choice of Houston bathroom accessories will largely depend on personal requirements, project budget and choices.