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American Specialities, Inc. manufactures every bathroom accessory and other hardware you need for your commercial or residential bathroom. Dynamic Door & Specialty offers a large variety of American Specialities, Inc. products for every requirement. American Specialities, Inc. produces products such as glass mirrors, grab bars, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers, and waste receptacles, and much more. No matter what it is you need for your bathrooms, American Specialities, Inc. makes it in spades. And Dynamic Door & Specialty is here to bring it to you.

Bathroom accessories are important for many reasons. They have to be durable, reliable, long-lasting, and clean. American Specialities, Inc. puts emphasis on quality and efficiency because they know how important it is that your clients see a professional setting. Even if it’s just an employee bathroom or for guests in your home, show them all that you take hygiene and quality very seriously.

American’s Specialities, Inc.’s Huge Selection

The most important thing for a bathroom is, of course, the products themselves. That’s why Dynamic Door & Specialty carries only the best from this manufacture. Our most popular items consist of shower curtains and shower rods, and range as far as toilet paper holders. With everything being made with stainless steel, you can be sure that any product from American Specialities, Inc. will last long and look spotless. In addition to a variety of toilet paper holders and shower accessories, this manufacturer also produces a large number of bathroom mirrors, grab bars, baby changing stations, towel hooks, paper towel dispensers, and waste receptacles.

Beyond that, American Specialities, Inc. has a large number of hand soap dispensers. These hand soap dispensers come in various designs, styles, functions, and can be mounted in many different places. They come in both cylindrical and flat surfaces for whatever kind of soap dispensary you may need.

Whatever your bathroom accessory needs, you can’t go wrong with American Specialities, Inc. quality. Dynamic Door & Specialty is always ready to provide any of this manufacturer’s listed products. Continue to browse, or call us at (713) 983-9161 to find out more about American Specialities, Inc. products.