Eliason Corporation

Dynamic Door & Specialty brings you the best from the best manufacturers, and that includes Eliason Corporation. This Michigan based manufacturer makes some of the best doors and door frames for foodservice. Their team dedicates its time to making top quality products so that your business has the best materials for your fast-paced environment. That’s why Dynamic Door & Specialty trusts Eliason Corporation to manufacture doors and door frames that live up to your business’ standard.

Their experienced designers and builders work tirelessly to create the right doors so that we can bring them to you. For decades Eliason Corporation has dedicated itself to custom door solutions for your businesses. Between entrance, vendor, easy swing doors, impact doors, and many other door-types, Eliason has you covered.

What Eliason Corporation Manufactures

Sporting a large variety of products, Dynamic Door & Specialty chooses the best of Eliason Corporation’s creations to bring directly to you. Whether it’s a restaurant door, gate or cafe door, retail door, or door frames, Eliason Corp. helps us get you what you need. Depending on the type of door, their many different products come in various finishes. Their restaurant and retail doors come in finishes such as stainless steel, aluminum, impact-resistant ABS, and many more. They also include composite wood core doors in the doors available with these finishes.

The gate and cafe doors come in multiple finishes as well. Such as ABS, high-pressure laminate, aluminum, and thermoplastic. Their door frames also come in a variety of styles. Each frame style is pre-drilled and is then varied depending on the chosen frame type.

Eliason Corporation has been a trusted and respected provider to Dynamic Door & Specialty for many years for a reason. With their high-grade manufacturing and our priority on quality, we highly encourage giving Eliason Corporation a chance it deserves. Call us today at (713) 983- 9161 for more information, and let’s get the right door for you.

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