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If you’re looking for quality door hardware, then look no further than Dynamic Door & Specialty’s top-of-the-line Yale products. Yale manufactures the highest quality of door handles for your commercial use. Yale’s handles are made with stainless steel to ensure that your doors don’t fail you over the test of time. Yale’s products are top quality hardware fitting for any business, big or small.

In addition to door handles, Dynamic Door & Specialty offers a multitude of pull plate trims and exit device rims for those who are looking to improve their already existing door handles. Yale’s Series 1800 and Series 18000 devices offer reliable and easy use, as well as a stylish look for your door handles. Yale’s trims are designed for emergencies such as fires as well. This allows the user of the door handles and exit devices to operate the door with little fuss and complication.

Yale’s Variety Of Handles

Door handles can vary depending on the function and the type of door. That’s why Dynamic Door & Specialty offers some of Yale’s best products, so you get the most reliable result from your door handles. Yale’s Grage 2 Lever Communicating Passage Lock comes in almost 20 different functions, three different lever designs, and various finishes. The Grage 2 Lever is also available with a Microshield antimicrobial coating in order to ensure cleaner results. Other devices range from the 2802 Night Latch, 2802 Classroom Handle, the 18000 Series Exit Device Rim, and much more.

Picking the right grade of door handles and other door hardware can be difficult. Yale products have a proven track record of excellence, quality, and reliable usage. Make the right decision the first time, with Yale manufacturers. Continue to browse to see why Yale can put your mind at ease. Or call us at (713) 983-9161 to ask one of our experts about Yale and how we can provide you with the door handle you need.