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6100 Brittmoore Rd.
Suite J
Houston, TX 77041

Phone: (713) 983-9161
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Dynamic Door & Specialty
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At Dynamic Door & Specialty, we know just how essential it is for you to find the best door frames and materials for your home or business. That’s why we highly recommend coming into our offices to meet with us, so we can learn what products would be perfect for your next project. When you contact Dynamic Door & Specialty, we discuss services in addition to scheduling the job for the most convenient time for you. For years, we have aided hundreds of clients with their commercial and residential door projects, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Whether it’s commercial doors, frames, or hardware supplies, we have the best service in the industry. Our Division 8 and Division 10 products are of the highest quality. The country’s foremost manufacturers supply us with premium materials for every project we tackle, so you know that you’re getting the most excellent finished product. When you contact us, our sales representatives guide you through the process of making your door plans a reality.

Our Services

When it comes to structural quality, it’s imperative to provide your business with exceptional products. Weak building material can cause decay and collapse. Imagine coming into work one day only to find that the poor-quality door frame you had installed collapsed on one of your employees when they used the door. Lawsuits start flying, and the liability ultimately falls on you: The business owner. To avoid such an outcome, Dynamic Door & Specialty provides only tried and true door frames and other hardware supplies. Our staff focuses its time and attention to providing you with everything you need to ensure safety, security, and efficiency. Aside from doors and door frames, our services include:

  • Bathroom Accessories
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Lockers
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Wall Protection
  • Metal Shelving
  • Projection Screens
  • And much more!

Doors and Door Frames

Our door materials range from stainless steel to wood and everything in between. Also, our styles include swing doors, specialty doors, access doors, fiberglass doors, hollow metal doors, and much more. You need a door that can handle wear-and-tear that comes from running a business. Your doors require sturdiness and efficiency to provide the best results.

Your door frames require the same conditions. For reliable and effective results, our door frames are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Our Type 1 and Type 2 aluminum frame systems come in a variety of different finishes, such as clear, black, and many more. Our steel door frames have a fire rating of up to three hours. No matter what door or door frame you decide on, we’ll have a plethora of sizes to choose from.

Find Us Today

Whether it’s high-traffic doors or Type 2 aluminum door frames, Dynamic Door & Specialty has everything you need. We ensure that your commercial business’s entrances are both stylish and secure for everyday use for years to come. So call us today, or visit us at our Houston location, and get your business up to date on your door and door frames.